"Since I started my career in photography I've both laughed and cried over how easy - and sometimes extremely difficult - it is to take pictures. These days it not just about catching the moment either - it involves listening, communicating, interpreting and visualizing clients ideas - bringing it all together in a single image. All this, while you need to be true to your own art. I love my work. It keeps me curious, takes me places I would never get to go and forces me to learn. I feel privileged doing this for a living."

With his roots in photojournalism and news Christoffer Edling now focuses on journalistic photography and artistic illustration. Working with magazines, ad agencies and corporations he enjoys a broad variety of assignments. Starting off as a photographer during military service and working as freelance for several years and as a staff photographer at swedish newspaper Expressen - today he runs his own studio. Fotograf Edling AB was established in 1996 and is based in Stockholm, Sweden.


CLIENTS: Dagens Nyheter, Tackolov TOL, DDB Stockholm, Castellum, FamilyBusiness, Vasakronan, Intellecta, Bokförlaget FORUM, Swedbank, Halvarson & Hallvarsson, Billerud, Mercedes, Audi, Bonnier Magazine Group, Bonnier AB, Atrium Ljungberg, Specsavers, Solberg Kommunikation, and others...